Discrepency switch FUJI

Discrepency switch Fuji
1.  Discrepency switch with lamp   Model : BHL-3B4111-125H-WYB
2.  Discrepency switch with lamp   Model : BHL-3B4111-110L1-WYB
3.  Discrepency switch with lamp   Model : BHL-3B4111-220L1-WYB
4.  Discrepency switch with lamp   Model : BHL-3B4111-110L1-WZB





  1. With the rolling action of the contact mechanism that minimizes the area exposed to arc, improved contact stability can be maintained for a long period.
  2. The optimum design of cam shape and moving contact angle can improve the breaking capacity, enabling voltage and current value settings with a certain margin.
  3. Round and square types of nameplates can be selected.
    Indication can be differentiated by the shape of nameplate, resulting in a panel design improvement.
  4. Variations in lamp circuit voltage (24 V, 48 V, 110 V, 125 V and 220 V)
  5. A LED lamp type with built-in flicker circuit is available. With this type, the knob can be flickered.
    * For the indication method, refer to "LXF" in the table (7) on F59.
  6. The key lock mechanism can prevents erroneous operation.
    A cylinder type (BHLC type) key and padlock type (BHLP type) key are available.
  7. The back terminal type (BHL-B type) enables quick wiring.
  8. A BHLFX type that conforms to the IP40 enclosure rating is available.
    Since the knob is fastened with a screw, the BHLF type can prevent entry of external foreign objects and accidental contact with live parts.
    A protective ground terminal is also provided.
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